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Every small company is different and, as accountants, we know that you need peace of mind about your finances – so we’ll look after all your accountancy needs, leaving you free to run your business.  We are the UK’s only national specialist accountancy firm for freelancers and the self employed, who choose to operate as sole traders rather than through their own limited companies. We understand that administrative responsibilities such as managing your business finances, or completing tax returns can be a real burden, so we aim to make your life easier, by taking on those very tasks which can sometimes make the decision to ‘go it alone’ a difficult one.

The most daunting things when freelancing or running your own business can be getting an accountant. At first glance it’s easy, you go down to your local high street accountant who quotes you anything from £250 to £600 plus VAT to do your end of year accounts for you. This sounds great, however what happens if you want to speak to your accountant for advice throughout the year on things like:

  • Expenses
  • Tax allowances
  • Take home pay
  • How much you should put aside for your tax bill
  • Whether you should register for the Flat Rate VAT scheme
  • Would going limited be beneficial?
  • If you have a life plan and wish to go travelling, what’s the most tax efficient way to run your business?

Each time you pick up the phone it is likely you will be charged, in fact every time your accountant sends you a letter you may be charged, and you could even get charged if you call to query your invoice! So by the end of the year you could easily be looking at a bill of well over £1,800. Accountants, just like you, have to account for their time and typically charge in six minute slots – and once the time gets to an hour they’ll usually send an invoice.

It’s no surprise that most freelancers and small business owners soon stop calling their accountant and instead seek advice from friends, family and colleagues, which is not the ideal situation considering the complicated rules surrounding tax. And this is where Easy Accountancy fits in. We don’t want our clients to be scared to contact us and potentially lose out on valuable tax saving advice. It’s even more important when you first start out, as you really need to set your business up in the best way possible.


As a start-up you’ll probably have loads of questions and will really need a service that means you can call your accountant as many times as you like, without the fear of racking up large bills.  Which is where Easy Accountancy comes in. We charge a low-cost all-inclusive fixed monthly fee of just £30 plus VAT per month for freelancers who prefer to operate as sole traders, and our service includes:

  • Proactive, ongoing tax advice throughout the year
  • Year-end accounts
  • Help in dealing with HMRC
  • Personal taxation
  • Free bookkeeping software
  • Unlimited telephone and email access to your accountant for advice

Benefits at a glance

  • Unlimited telephone and email access to your own dedicated accountant – No call centres, no outsourcing and no pressing ‘one for this or two for that’.
  • A money back service guarantee – All of your telephone calls and emails will be answered on the same day, or we will refund your monthly fee.
  • An all-inclusive package for just £30 plus VAT per month – Covering all your business and personal tax needs, for a fixed monthly fee which is one of the lowest in the market.
  • Never worry about receiving an unexpected bill when calling your accountant for advice!